The Importance of Internal Auditing

Internal auditing can take on many forms and can be very useful to provide evidence that you are looking after your business and continually trying to improve it.

Your business does not have to be certified to a particular accreditation such as ISO or BRC, but a robust Quality Management System is advised for all businesses, regardless of the size.  Internal auditing is proving that you are doing what you say you are doing; you are effective in what you are meant to achieve and that everyone understands their role within the business to make it work.

Internal auditing reassures your clients or customers that you are in control of your business.  It shows an unbiased and objective view of your systems.  Demonstrating that you manage your risk, what governance you have in place, what internal control processes you are operating and that they are effective in meeting your objectives.

For an internal audit to be effective it should be done by someone who does not work in that area; you cannot effectively audit your own work.  Some of the areas an auditor will look at are below:

  • Policies and Procedures relevant to that area – are they in date and the correct revision
  • That the staff in that area understand the detail in the policy
  • That they have work instructions to manage their role effectively and are competently trained
  • Any associated training records
  • Any cleaning schedule for that area
  • Any industry specifics that must be adhered to
    • Food Safety Standards
    • Health and Safety Standards
    • Any accreditations that they hold – ISO / BRC / AA etc
  • Evaluate controls that are in place
    • Checking records to prove that they are happening when they should
    • Checking that the person responsible for the controls are competent

What this means is they analyse operations and confirm information.  Should this highlight anything that is not being done then it gives the organisation the chance to put it right before it causes an issue.  If any external auditors come and assess the system and see non-conformances being raised and closed out, they will be assured that the business takes continual improvement and its responsibilities seriously.

Jo Ferguson

Hunter Global Business Solutions can offer a variety of audits depending on your business.  From setting up an internal Quality Management System; Helping you manage your internal systems; Perform gap analysis audits prior to accreditation; Training your staff to manage internal audits; completing all your audit schedule throughout the year with a trained and objective eye.

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