Strength through Strategic HR

Joanne Ferguson, owner of Hunter Global Business Solutions has created a strong HR & Training strategy that strengthens your team, enabling them to carry out their roles and to be aware of the important part they play within your business.

This awareness of responsibility encourages staff to reach their potential, by highlighting the pitfalls of not carrying out their roles correctly.

Is your business compliant in all areas?

Hunter Global Business Solutions guarantees compliance with:

  • Health & Safety induction programmes
  • Employees’ mandatory training and personal development completed to the highest of standards. 
  • Recruiting specifications for the Health & Social Care industry to ensure compliance with safeguarding requirements; also focusing on employee legislation in all areas as well as customer specifications for quality assurance.
  • Documentation produced to ISO/BRC accreditation standard. From day one providing you and your employees with the knowledge required to excel.

Educate your staff to know what they need to do to help your business grow through policies and procedures but also to understand why they have to do it that way and the consequences of getting your product or service wrong.

Whatever industry, from one employee to one thousand, Hunter Global Business Solutions offers personalised compliance packages. Call 01636 701386 to book your appointment with Joanne for an initial one-hour consultation at our expense.